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MENU - cafederazia Restaurant in Kfar Tavor

MENU - cafederazia Restaurant in Kfar Tavor



Pampering Israeli Breakfast
Eggs of your choice (with herbs / mushrooms / onion /
yellow cheese), vegetable salad, bread of your choice,
tahini, Feta cheese, cream cheese, tuna salad, butter and
jam. Coffee, freshly squeezed juice and a sweet cookie
58 ₪ for one / 109 ₪ for two
• Side dish of Herring Fish 7 ₪
46 ₪
Italian style morning: Tramezzini (Italian sandwich) with
fresh Mozzarella, tomato and basil. Served with green
salad in vinaigrette, coffee and an Aperol Spritz cocktail
(can be replaced with freshly squeezed juice)
La Bombe
54 ₪
French style morning: A variety of top-quality French
cheeses – Buche, Roquefort and Chaubier. Accompanied
by Brioche bread, butter and jam, coffee and a glass of
Mimosa (can be replaced with freshly squeezed juice)
54 ₪
American style morning: Waffle with smoked goose breast,
scrambled eggs and hash browns. Accompanied by maple
sauce, green salad in vinaigrette, coffee and freshly
squeezed juice
Morning of Health
58 ₪
Hummus omelet with onion and parsley. Served with
vegetable salad, bread and a variety of dips: sweet potatoes,
tahini, pesto, sundried tomatoes, artichoke spread, olives,
and raw tahini with date honey spread. Coffee and freshly
squeezed juice
Breakfasts are served Monday-Friday until 1pm, Saturday
until 12pm

Morning, Noon & more…

49 ₪
Served with Frena bread, green salad and tahini
Adding Feta cheese and eggplants
5 ₪
36 ₪
Yogurt, seasonal fruits, homemade granola and honey
Buche Cheese Sandwich
44 ₪
Buche cheese, artichoke spread, tomato, rocket leaves and
reduced Balsamic. Served with green salad in vinaigrette
The House Quiche
44 ₪
Crispy pastry filled with vegetables and cheese.
Served with green salad in vinaigrette


Beef Carpaccio
48 ₪
Sirloin slices, olive oil, reduced Balsamic, garlic confit
Parmesan. Accompanied by sourdough bread
46 ₪
Traditional Italian Mozzarella cheese, filled with cream sauce,
olive oil, reduced Balsamic, cherry tomatoes and basil. Served
with scorched artichoke & toasted slices of bread
Plateau de Fromages
42 ₪
A variety of top-quality French cheeses – Buche, Roquefort
& Chaubier, accompanied by butter and toasted slices of
bread. Ordering a glass of wine is recommended!
Artichoke A-la Romana
32 ₪
Scorched artichoke slices, spinach leaves, Parmesan, lemon,
coarse salt and olive oil. Served with toasted slices of bread
Teriyaki Mushrooms
38 ₪
Portobello and Champignon mushrooms, roasted with tofu
green onions in Teriyaki peanuts Sauce
28 ₪
Bagel served with sour cream, tomato seeds, zaatar, chopped
hot pepper & olive oil. Piquant!
Tzvika’s Herring Fish
32 ₪
Served with bread & butter
Bread & Dips
24 ₪


Panzanella Salad
52 ₪
Cherry tomatoes, artichoke, chunks of toasted bread,
fresh Mozzarella, Kalamata olives, fresh basil & roasted
pepper. Seasoned with olive oil and lemon
Lentil Salad
46 ₪
Black lentils, tomato, roasted sweet potato, purple onion,
parsley, green onion & a mix of seeds. Seasoned with
mint vinaigrette dressing
Mediterranean Salad
46 ₪
Tomato, cucumber, red pepper, purple onion, Kalamata
olives, Feta cheese & croutons. Seasoned with olive oil
& lemon. Served with bread
Salad from the Moshav
49 ₪
Lettuce, basil, parsley, purple onion, roasted sweet potato,
roasted pepper, sundried tomatoes, roasted walnuts
& goat cheese. Seasoned with balsamic vinaigrette
dressing. Served with bread
Chicken Salad
56 ₪
Hoisin marinated chicken breast, rocket leaves, spinach,
cherry tomatoes, cucumber, Champignon mushrooms,
potato cubes, pine nuts & pickled lemon. Seasoned with
mint vinaigrette dressing
Caesar Salad
49 ₪
Lettuce, sundries tomatoes, purple onion, croutons,
smoked goose breast & Parmesan. Seasoned with classic
Caesar dressing. Served with bread

Main Courses

Spinach and Tomatoes Ravioli
49 ₪
Ravioli filled with Ricotta cheese & spinach, in Napolitana
sauce, champignon Mushrooms, cherry tomatoes
scorched spinach leaves
Fettuccine Aglio e Olio
48 ₪
Artichoke, cherry tomatoes, Kalamata olives, white wine
& olive oil
Pappardelle Bolognese
58 ₪
Root vegetables, veal, red wine & tomato sauce
Chicken Burger
56 ₪
Chicken breast marinated in honey lemon Chipotle, Yuzu
mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, onion & pickled cucumber
Caféderazia Burger
58 ₪
220g burger with Yuzu mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato,
purple onion & pickled cucumbers
Exciting Burger +
62 ₪
220g burger with Yuzu mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato,
purple onion & pickled cucumbers, maple glazed onion
& Buche cheese
Very Exciting Burger ++
68 ₪
220g burger with truffle mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato,
purple onion, smoked goose breast & Jalapeño. Piquant!
Chicken Curry
56 ₪
A dish of chicken breast & pullet, served on rice, with
root vegetables, peas, green beans, coconut cream
Indian spice mix
Boutique Chorizos
68 ₪
Served with classic mashed potatoes, pickled cabbage
dish, scorched spinach & smooth Dijon Mustard
“Go with the Flow” Cut of Beef
82 ₪
Cut of the day, with classic mashed potatoes & a
grilled tomato
Rocca Steak
84 ₪
Scorched rump slices on classic mashed potatoes,
slightly sour rocket salad, Parmesan & reduced
Hanger Steak Skewer (280g)
88 ₪
Aged cut with Salsa Verde, warm lentil salad, garlic,
spinach, sweet potato & white wine


Lentil Msabbaha
46 ₪
With tahini, olive oil & parsley. Served with Frena bread & the
house pickles
Like Shawarma, but not
46 ₪
Seasoned seitan chunks, roasted cauliflower & eggplants,
tomato, pickled cucumber & parsley in tortilla. Served with
chopped hot pepper, the house pickles & tahini
Vegetable Pan
52 ₪
Vegetable dish with coconut cream & curry. Served with Rice
Tivoni Li (Hot Vegan Dish)
52 ₪
Freekeh, sweet potato, Portobello mushrooms, tofu & green
onion, in Teriyaki peanuts sauce


Pasta Fettuccini
38 ₪
In tomato /
cream /
Rosé sauce
38 ₪
Frena bread with tomato
sauce & Mozzarella cheese.
Optional toppings: black
olives / tomatoes / onions.
Served with sliced
Cheese Toast
36 ₪
butter. Served
with sliced
Omelet Sandwich
36 ₪
Omelet, cream
cheese, tomatoes,
pickled cucumbers
and green onion.
Served with sliced
Schnitzelonim (Chicken Nuggets)
42 ₪
Chunks of fried breaded
chicken breast. Served
with potatoes, fresh
vegetables & grape
flavored Tropit juice


Pear & Almonds Cream Pie
36 ₪
With a scoop of vanilla ice-cream
Nutella Pie
36 ₪
With a scoop of vanilla ice-cream
Apple Pie
36 ₪
With a scoop of vanilla ice-cream
Sugar-free Apple Pie
32 ₪
Creme Brulee
34 ₪
Cream Cheese Crumb Cake
32 ₪
Chocolate Souffle
32 ₪
With a scoop of vanilla ice-cream
Belgian Waffle
38 ₪
With treats
28 ₪
a “sandwich” of two cookies
& vanilla ice cream in the middle
Halva Dream
28 ₪
Vegan Dessert of the Day
35 ₪
please ask the waiter
15 ₪
The House Cookies
18 ₪
Ice-Cream Scoop
9 ₪